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Healthy Body in Turkey .

Yelkovan Turizm Ihracat Taahhut ve Pazarlama Limited Sirketi, which was established in Manisa in 2013, has been continuing to grow with its understanding of quality service in the field of health tourism. It has proven its success with its understanding of quality service provided in cooperation with Turkey's leading hospitals and specialist physicians in their fields.

Health continues to gain more and more importance in our global world. The first priority of our lives is to protect our physical and mental health. Based on this priority, we, as a health tourism agency, have adopted the philosophy of continuity of service quality and unconditional patient satisfaction.

We follow all the developments in the field of health in the world and simultaneously bring our patients to the institutions with which we have contract.

The areas for which we provide service in our agency are as follows; General surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Eye surgery, Oral and Dental Health, Urology surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ear Nose and Throat surgery and Dermatological procedures. Through all our knowledge and experience, we aim to contribute to our country's economy in the field of health tourism in Manisa, which is among the brand cities of Turkey.


Helping the cities of Manisa and İzmir to be in the forefront in the health tourism sector in Turkey and in the world. While working on making the cities of Manisa and İzmir become health tourism centers, to play an active role in studies related to natural and historical beauties of them. Following health trends and technologies in addition to continuously working to achieve hundred percent patient satisfaction.


Making a difference in the development of health tourism, and creating brand awareness. Ensuring that the names of the cities of Manisa and İzmir are mentioned also with the term "health tourism". Organizing training programs to contribute to the development of health tourism and to guide the sector. Collaborating with universities and NGOs to raise awareness about the importance and value of health tourism.

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