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Perfect Smiles with Orthodontic Treatment

When you look in the mirror, you may think you have the look you want. But when you laugh, don't you want to laugh freely instead of closing your mouth because of your crooked teeth? If your answer is yes, do not forget to contact Healthy Body In Turkey for perfect smiles with orthodontic treatment. The branch of science dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of facial, dental and jaw problems is called orthodontics. Orthodontic treatments are performed by specialist doctors who have been awarded the title of orthodontist. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. However, the treatment method to be applied differs according to the age and needs of the patient.

FAQs about Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is applied not only for aesthetic concerns but also to eliminate different problems that may be experienced such as gum problems and speech disorders. Tools used during orthodontic treatment are divided into four. These are:

  • Screw tools
  • Fixed orthodontic instruments
  • Movable orthodontic instruments
  • Transparent plates